Reba Delivers Heartfelt Tribute To Her Mom With “Seven Minutes In Heaven” Performance
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Reba Delivers Heartfelt Tribute To Her Mom With “Seven Minutes In Heaven” Performance

Reba McEntire recently took to The Voice stage to perform “Seven Minutes In Heaven,” a moving tribute to her late mother.

The Voice‘s 24th Season Live Shows started on Monday, December 4 with the Top 12 performances. Audiences not only enjoyed the talents of the contestants but also witnessed performances from some of the show’s coaches, including Reba!

Reba McEntire, in her debut as a coach on The Voice, delighted fans with a live rendition of her poignant hit, “Seven Minutes In Heaven.” 

About The Song

Released earlier in the year, the song serves as a touching tribute to her late mother, Jacqueline “Jackie” McEntire, who passed away in 2020 after battling cancer.

“Mama was the one that inspired us kids, taught us kids how to sing, took us to our singing gigs, and was our biggest cheerleader.”

In fact, McEntire’s mom had a passion for music herself and wanted to be a singer.

“She said, ‘Reba, I will be living my dreams through you.’ So golly, why wouldn’t you want to go sing?’”

“Seven Minutes In Heaven” was included on  McEntire’s new acoustic album Not That Fancy, which came out on October 6.

“If I had seven minutes in Heaven

I know just what I’d do

Take a walk down those golden streets

And find a quiet corner booth

I wouldn’t spend all my seconds asking God questions

‘Cause He knows I’d be back soon

If I had seven minutes in Heaven

I’d spend them all with you.”


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The Music Video

The music video shows McEntire laughing and chatting with an older woman with flaming red hair, just like the singer’s. They hold hands and hug, and McEntire’s eyes are filled with a daughter’s warmth and love for her mother.

“The music video for ‘Seven Minutes In Heaven’ is just really sweet and simple,” she said. “We tried to imagine what it might be like to go to heaven and sit down with someone you’ve lost. The heartbreaker is that you only get to spend seven minutes with them. For me, that person is my Mama. I hope that the fans can imagine who that person is for them and find some comfort in knowing that someday, they’ll get to spend forever with that person they love.”

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