Toby Keith Sings ‘Made in America’ as He Makes His Triumphant Return to the Stage (VIDEO)
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Toby Keith Sings ‘Made in America’ as He Makes His Triumphant Return to the Stage (VIDEO)

Toby Keith returned to the stage with two Oklahoma pop-up shows over the weekend, marking some of his first public appearances since announcing he was taking a break to fight cancer in 2022.

Despite appearing markedly thinner than in previous years, it was clear from the start of the show that Keith is still very much himself, and part of that is his commitment to patriotic songs. The singer reportedly opened his July 1 set at Oklahoma’s Hollywood Corners with a performance of “Made in America,” according to a Facebook post from a concertgoer who also captured video footage of the moment.

Keith’s performance of “Made in America” was as stirring as ever, delivering a powerful and emotional rendition of the 2011 hit song that tells a story of small-town family values and enduring patriotism.

“Made in America” originally appeared on the track list of Keith’s Clancy’s Tavern album, and he co-wrote it with fellow songwriters Bobby Pinson and Scott Reeves.

This “Made in America” performance comes from the second of two back-to-back pop-up sets Keith performed at Hollywood Corners.

The first of those shows reportedly lasted more than two hours, according to an eyewitness.
Public appearances from Keith have been sparse ever since he announced his stomach cancer diagnosis.

At the time, he wiped his touring calendar clean, explaining that he needed time to rest, regroup and fight the cancer.

In a recent interview with the Oklahoman, Keith said that the cancer isn’t gone yet, but it has shrunk by a third.

He’s taking immunotherapy and working with a nutritionist in addition to continuing chemotherapy.

Meanwhile, he’s been feeling well enough to get his band back together for a few test run shows — like the two he played at Hollywood Corners — and if he finds he has the stamina for full sets, he’ll return to the road this fall.

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