Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Share Video Of Christmas Duet
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Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Share Video Of Christmas Duet

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Share Rare Duet For Christmas In 2020

Fans don’t often get the chance to hear Keith Urban sing with his wife, actress Nicole Kidman. Because of this, few people realize Nicole is actually a talented singer.

She did all of her own singing in the 2001 film Moulin Rouge! in which she starred as the character Satine.

The movie poster for "Moulin Rouge," starring Nicole Kidman

Nicole has also performed with Keith a handful of times throughout the years. They famously sang “I Still Call Australia Home” with a number of other Australian celebrities for a 2013 episode of Oprah’s TV show. They’ve performed together a few other times since.

Also, Nicole contributed backing vocals to Keith’s 2017 single “Female.” In 2018, Nicole shared a video of her and Keith singing the song together at the piano. The video was filmed by their two daughters, Sunday and Faith.

More recently, Keith and Nicole came together to spread some holiday cheer by singing a Christmas duet. They sang Keith’s original Christmas song “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight,” which he released in 2019.

Watch Keith & Nicole’s Sweet Holiday Duet In The Video Below

Keith opened by singing alone while Nicole wrapped her arm around him and admired his performance. She went on to sing a line or two as she continued to cuddle close to him.

It will melt your heart to see how Keith and Nicole interacted with each other throughout the performance. Our favorite part of the duet comes near the end when the two of them start giggling together…you can feel the love between them!

At the end of their little duet, the couple shared their family’s Christmas wishes for their fans. “Wherever you’re watching this right now, from our family to yours…” Keith said before Nicole chimed in and added, “We love you.”

Tune in to the video below to watch Keith and Nicole’s Christmas duet. We always love hearing them sing together!

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