Toby Keith Said The Success Of His Marriage Was “Up To Her”
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Toby Keith Said The Success Of His Marriage Was “Up To Her”

AXS TV Recently Posted A Throwback Video Featuring An Interview With Toby Keith, Offering Insights Into Both His Life And Musical Journey.

In the clip, the country music star reflected on pivotal moments and experiences that shaped him as both an individual and an artist, offering fans a nostalgic glimpse into his remarkable adventures through the world of music.

The video’s description reads: “Celebrate Toby Keith’s life and musical journey as he reflects on the stories behind his iconic hits and the importance of family and friends in his life.”

The interviewer pointed out the challenges many marriages face in the entertainment industry, asking Toby just how he manages to do it.

“It wasn’t up to me. It was strictly up to her. She just was strong. She’s been out here on the road with us for the last four or five years now…She raised great babies and we got wonderful children.”

Hear more about Toby Keith’s personal life and musical journey as he opens up in the interview below.

Toby Keith Talks About His Marriage In One Of His Final Interviews

In late 2023, Toby joined News 9′s Robin Marsh for what would become one of his last interviews. Set in his residence in Norman, Oklahoma, the duo delved into various topics including his music career, family life, and his courageous battle with cancer.

During the interview, Robin prompted Toby to share insights about his wife, Tricia, and her significance in his life. Toby responded with a heartfelt smile:

“She’s been a trooper. She’s the best nurse…It’s hard to stay with somebody this long. You have to find that perfect person.”

“She’s a great mother. I have great kids and that’s all due to her.”

Toby Keith’s Family “Shattered” Following His Death

Since 2021, Toby Keith valiantly fought stomach cancer, a battle that sadly ended on February 5. His family shared the heartbreaking news on social media, expressing their profound sorrow.



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Just days after Toby’s passing, his son Stelen and daughter Krystal took to social media to express their grief and appreciation for the opportunity to have shared their father with so many others.

In a touching tribute, Stelen referred to his father as his “guiding star, coach, and hero,” praising Toby’s love as both a father and husband, and recognizing his passion and significant impact on the world.

“The only thing I truly ever wanted in life was to make you proud. I promise I will continue to make you proud. It’s not goodbye forever; it’s just goodbye for now. I love you cowboy.”

Krystal also shared the deep impact of her father’s death, expressing feeling “shattered” by the loss. She honored Toby’s significant role in her life, acknowledging his immense influence and presence.

“I am so lucky to have had him and so grateful he got to walk me down the aisle and meet my babies. That I have years of memories traveling the world as a family. I am blessed that I got to spend years traveling on the road and singing on stage with him…I’m lucky I got to say goodbye and tell him what he meant to me.”

Toby Keith established the Toby Keith Foundation, which aids the OK Kids Korral, providing a comforting haven for families with children battling cancer.


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