Carrie Underwood celebrates son Isaiah’s 9th birthday with rare photos – and you need to see his cake
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Carrie Underwood celebrates son Isaiah’s 9th birthday with rare photos – and you need to see his cake

Last Tuesday was a day of jubilation for Carrie Underwood and her family as they celebrated a significant milestone: her eldest son, Isaiah, turning nine years old.

In honor of Isaiah’s birthday, the Underwoods orchestrated a party that paid homage to one of his cherished pastimes—taekwondo.

The highlight of the celebration was a bespoke two-tiered cake, adorned with colorful belts, the ATA Martial Arts logo, and Isaiah’s name, topped off with a figurine of a young boy executing a high kick in a taekwondo black belt.

Carrie took to social media on March 2 to share her reflections and some visuals from the event, expressing her amazement at how swiftly time passes.

“Today we got to celebrate our sweet Isaiah turning 9!!!!” she penned, capturing the bittersweet nature of watching her children grow up.


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Yet, the prevailing sentiment was one of joy, particularly in witnessing Isaiah and his friends delve into taekwondo. She lauded the cake from Ivey Cake Store for its craftsmanship and taste, highlighting the joy in these small yet significant details.

Physical activity is a cornerstone of the Underwood family lifestyle, as demonstrated by both of Carrie’s sons.

Carrie Underwood's son looks out on the magical scene at their home

Jacob, the younger son who celebrated his fifth birthday in January, enjoyed after-dark ice skating on the family’s pond, further illustrating the family’s penchant for sports and fitness.

This inclination is hardly surprising given the family background. Mike Fisher, the boys’ father and Carrie’s husband, is a former NHL player with a career spanning the Ottawa Senators and the Nashville Predators, while Carrie herself is a fitness aficionado, owning a workout clothing line and a fitness app.

Carrie Underwood's husband and sons outside taken from behind

Carrie’s commitment to fitness extends beyond personal practice to her professional life, where she has integrated aerial stunt work into her performances, inspired by aerialists during her Las Vegas residency.

The Underwood family resides on a 400-acre ranch, a serene setting where Carrie indulges in gardening, harvesting a vibrant array of fruits and vegetables from her greenhouse and grounds. This lifestyle choice not only aligns with her fitness and health ethos but also involves her children in these nurturing activities.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher's son Jacob in the middle of a baseball game shared on Instagram

Despite the allure of her career, which includes more engagements in Las Vegas, Carrie has mastered the delicate balance between her professional endeavors and family life. Known for her introverted nature, she often prefers the tranquility of her home over the bustle of social scenes.

In an intimate revelation on Today’s Country Radio With Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country, Carrie shared, “I don’t want to go to restaurants, I don’t want to travel. I don’t want to go anywhere.”

However, Mike has been instrumental in encouraging Carrie to venture beyond her comfort zone. His extroverted personality complements her introversion, creating a harmonious balance within their relationship.

“He’s got a million friends and we’re always hanging out with them,” Carrie noted.

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