This Sister-Brother Duo’s Emotional Country Song Will Have You In Tears
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This Sister-Brother Duo’s Emotional Country Song Will Have You In Tears

The sheer talent and emotional message behind The Reklaws’ original country song was enough to bring some in the America’s Got Talent audience to tears and caused Judge Simon Cowell to dub the powerful performance “the kind of audition we love on this show.”

The Reklaws—which consists of siblings Jenna and Stuart “Stu” Walker—took the stage to honor their late mother with a heartbreaking, yet empowering, song about life’s darkest days to offer hope to those struggling with their mental health.

“We’ve been back and forth trying to decide what song to do. We wanted it to be a song specifically about our mom,” Jenna shared before taking the stage. “We lost our mom to mental health and that shook up our world.”

Stu added that their mother’s 2022 death was “a very tough time for our family.”

“We just wanted to acknowledge that to people that are going through tough times,” he said.

Who Are The Reklaws?

The Canadian duo got their start singing while growing up in Cambridge, Ontario on the Yee Haw Adventure Farm, a fun-filled family destination run by their parents with its own pumpkin patch, 10-acre corn maze and rowdy pig races.

It was during those pig races that Jenna and Stu first took the stage to perform a “half-time” show for the crowds.

“I played the banjo, she sang,” Stu explained.

Their mom helped them come up with the name The Reklaws, which is just their last name spelled backwards and the addition of an “s” on the end.

“I love being in front of crowds and entertaining people,” Stu once said in an article from The University of Guelph, where both siblings attended college. “As long as everyone around me is having a good time, then I feel the night is successful.”

The siblings eventually moved out of the pig pen and into local cafes, stages and festivals, where they honed their musical skills and were quickly embraced by their Canadian fan base.

Their debut single “Long Live the Night” was once the theme song for the CFL Thursday Night Football, according to their website, and their viral TikTok hit “”What the Truck” later hit platinum status.

In 2023, The Reklaws hosted the Canadian Country Music Awards, even taking home the honor of Top Selling Canadian Album for their 2022 release Good Ol’ Days.

What Song Did the Reklaws Sing?

On AGT, the talented siblings chose to sing a song with a very personal message in honor of their mom.

“I hope that she can see us here,” Jenna said before taking the stage.

The song, titled “People Don’t Talk About,” is about the importance of not keeping one’s feelings bottled up and opening up to those around you.

“We wrote this song probably two years ago. Our family’s been through a lot of stuff that we kind of didn’t feel comfortable talking about and we wrote it about that,” Jenna told Cowell. “We felt like if we had this opportunity to get on this stage and if we had one song to play, this would be the song.”

The duo took turns belting out the powerful lyrics to the song before joining together in perfect harmony.

People don’t talk about trying to be yourself or feeling like you’re someone else

You’re not alone. You’re not alone.

I want to know everything that you don’t say out loud

Yeah, all the things that people don’t talk about,” they sang together.

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