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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Share Romantic Moment After Super Bowl Win

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Took Their Love Story All The Way To The Super Bowl

The public watched Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love story play out throughout the NFL season this year. They took their love all the way to the Super Bowl, as Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, played the San Francisco 49ers in the big mashup.

Swift was previously on hand when the Chiefs won the AFC Championship two weeks ago. She took to the field to celebrate the win with Kelce.

The couple hugged and kissed on the field. Videos and photos of their affectionate interaction went viral immediately.

Did Taylor Swift Make It To The Super Bowl?

Many fans wondered if Swift would be able to make it to the Super Bowl on February 11. The game was held in Las Vegas, and Swift had a concert in Tokyo, Japan at 5 PM the day prior (February 10).

Despite the time difference, it was predicted Swift would still be able to make it to Las Vegas in time to support Kelce at the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift showed up to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce when he played in the Super Bowl

So did she make it? Yes! Swift was in attendance at Super Bowl LVIII, and cheered Kelce on from the stands.

Watch Taylor & Travis Celebrate After The Chiefs’ Win

Swift watched Kelce help lead the Chiefs to their fourth Super Bowl win (Kelce’s third). They beat the 49ers with a score of 25 to 22.

After the game, Swift and Kelce came together to share a tender moment on the field, embracing tightly and showering each other with affection. Their heartfelt celebration was a sweet end to the victorious night.

See Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrate the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win together.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrating the Chief's 2024 Super Bowl win.

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