Remember When Toby Keith Appeared On “The Dukes Of Hazzard?”
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Remember When Toby Keith Appeared On “The Dukes Of Hazzard?”

Toby Keith Portrayed Himself In The 2000 Dukes Of Hazzard Remake Hazzard In Hollywood 

More than a decade after the final episode of the fan-favorite television show The Dukes of Hazzard aired, the Duke boys returned to the screen in a made-for-television film titled Hazzard in Hollywood. In the film, Bo and Luke Duke travel to Hollywood, California to sell some musical recordings to raise money to build a new hospital in Hazzard County.

The movie begins with the infamous brothers attending the Hazzard County Festival where Toby Keith himself is performing. During the event, the townspeople are challenged with raising a certain amount of money to fund the hospital project. When the Duke boys venture to Hollywood, they end up running from nefarious hitmen, sleazy record producers, Russian gangsters, and vicious loan sharks.

At the end of their escapades, Toby Keith keeps true to his promise and returns to Hazzard Country to perform at the groundbreaking of the new hospital. The country music icon performed his hit song “How Do You Like Me Now?!” which topped the US Billboard Hot Country Chart.

Toby Keith Also Showed Off His Acting Skills In The 2006 Film Broken Bridges

Toby Keith made his acting debut a few years later in the film Broken Bridges playing the role of Bo Price, an impoverished country singer whose brother died tragically in a military training accident. The movie tells the story of Bo establishing a relationship with the daughter he never knew and helping her break free from substance abuse to explore her own musical talent.

His co-star Lindsey Haun said of working with Toby:

“Toby has talent right now that it takes other actors 10 years to get.” 

Watch a clip of Toby Keith performing in Hazzard in Hollywood below!

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