Reba McEntire & Linda Davis Sing “Does He Love You” At 1993 CMA Awards
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Reba McEntire & Linda Davis Sing “Does He Love You” At 1993 CMA Awards

Reba And Linda Davis Sing “Does He Love You” At The 27th CMA Awards.
During the 27th Annual Country Music Association Awards in 1993, Reba McEntire was a nominee for Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year. She ended up not winning either of those awards but what she did do at the event that will go down in country music history as a very special moment. perform her hit song, “Does He Love You,” featuring Linda Davis.

Reba Took The Stage And Everyone Gasped, According To Vince Gill.
Reba was wearing a daring red velvet gown with a plunging neckline.

“It was very revealing and I didn’t know that!,” Reba told PEOPLE for their PEOPLE’s Special Edition: 50 Years of the CMA Awards. “I had only had two fittings with [designer] Sandy Spika. One was at our office and I said, ‘I think you need to fill some more stuff in!’ When I put it on in the dressing room at the Grand Ole Opry for the show, I thought, ‘Maybe it’s just the lighting in here.’ And when I walked out on the stage, I heard the audience go ‘Oooooh!’ And I thought, ‘Dang, I look good!’”

Reba began to sing the song’s first verse and everyone’s eyes were fixed on her until she finished it. That’s when Linda Davis, who was making her opening debut at the CMA Awards, walked into the spotlight and started singing her verse.
Both of these country queens were dressed to the T and delivered a performance with vocals that would bring tears to your eyes. The audience loved it so much that the performance ended with a standing ovation from the attendees.

Reba and Linda singing the song at the CMA Awards.

Who Wrote “Does He Love You” & What’s The Song About?
“Does He Love You” is a song that Sandy Knox and Billy Stritch actually wrote. However, it was recorded as a duet by Reba McEntire and Linda Davis and was released in August 1993 as Reba’s first single from her album, Greatest Hits Volume 2.
The song’s deep meaning is about the battle between two females who are in love with the same man. One of the females, his wife, and the other, his mistress, both know that the man is being unfaithful to them and is wondering who he truly loves.

Some of the lyrics of the song go like this:

“But does he love you, (Does he love you)”
“Like he loves me? (like he loves me?)”
“Does he think of you, (Does he think of you?)”
“When he’s holding me?”
“And does he whisper, (Does he whisper?) all his fantasies?”
“Does he love you, (Does he love you?) like he’s been lovin’ me?”
It’s lovely to read the lyrics but it’s even better to listen to the song! Go ahead now and click play on the video below to listen to the full song and watch the full performance that Reba McEntire and Linda Davis did that year in 1993.

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