Reba McEntire Addresses Rumors She’s Leaving “The Voice”
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Reba McEntire Addresses Rumors She’s Leaving “The Voice”

Is Reba McEntire Leaving The Voice?

Online reports claim that Reba McEntire is leaving her role as a coach on The Voice. But do these rumors have any merit?

Reba joined The Voice during Season 24. She coached two contestants into the finale, Jacquie Roar and Ruby Leigh. Jacquie came in fourth place, while Ruby came in second.

Now, Reba is back on The Voice for Season 25, which premiered on February 26. Her fellow coaches include Dan + Shay, Chance the Rapper, and John Legend.

Reba McEntire was forced to address false reports she's leaving The Voice. Here, she's pictured with the other coaches for Season 25, Chance the Rapper, Dan + Shay, and John Legend.

Despite the fact that Season 25 just started, rumors started swirling that Reba is leaving The Voice. These rumors originated in various articles published online. So is there any truth to these rumors?

Reba Addresses The Claims She’s Leaving The Voice

Reba took to social media to address the rumors herself. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief, because it turns out all reports of her leaving The Voice are completely false.

Please do not click on any articles that say I am leaving The Voice. This is not true.” Reba said. She included a screenshot of one of the fake websites so fans know what to avoid.

These websites use false reports to scam people into purchasing weight loss gummies from “Reba.” Reba also made it clear she does not sell or endorse such products.

“These are fake websites to lure people in with clickbait where they claim I have a company to sell weight loss gummy products. This is false. I do not sell or promote any type of gummy product. Please report these posts if you see them on Facebook or Instagram.”



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Other Country Stars Have Been Used In Weight Loss Gummy Scams

Weight loss gummy scams are surprisingly rampant on social media right now. Reba isn’t the only country artist to be used in such a scam.

Lainey Wilson, Luke Combs, and Kelly Clarkson have all been the subjects of similar scams. These companies use their likenesses and create fake testimonials of them toting the wonders of their “product.”

Lainey also had to warn her fans about such schemes in June 2023.

Alright, y’all. By now, I’m sure a lot of y’all have seen some ads about me losing weight, being hospitalized, and that I started taking some of weight loss gummies and blah, blah, blah, it saved my life. Well, surprise. It ain’t true. People will do whatever to make a dollar even if it is lies. Because ain’t nobody sent me any gummies.”

She added, “I love y’all. I just don’t want y’all spending your money on something that ain’t real. Do not fall for it.”

So keep in mind if you see any videos or articles using Lainey, Reba, or another celebrity to promote weight loss gummies, they’re likely fake.

We’re so relieved to hear that Reba isn’t leaving The Voice! Head below to watch one audition from the current season to see her in action on the show.

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