Miranda Lambert Drops Powerful Breakup Anthem, “Dammit Randy”
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Miranda Lambert Drops Powerful Breakup Anthem, “Dammit Randy”

Miranda Lambert just released a new song that is sure to be another classic Lambert hit!

Since 2005, when Miranda Lambert released her debut major-label album, Kerosene, she has been a force to be reckoned with in the country music world.

Not only is she the most awarded artist in the history of the ACM Awards, but she is also a three-time Grammy winner. Miranda has also achieved ten #1 hits throughout her career, including the tear-jerking “Tin Man” and the boot-stomping “Gunpowder & Lead.”

After a couple of years break since her last album, Palomino, was released in 2022, Miranda Lambert is back and better than ever!

The country star recently released a brand-new song titled “Dammit Randy,” which is a powerful anthem about reclaiming personal strength and independence after a breakup. This release follows her previous 2024 single, “Wranglers,” which came out last month and is expected to be the lead single from her upcoming album, although the album has not been officially announced yet.

Miranda also recently released the official music video for “Wranglers,” which incorporates a few additions you might remember from the music video for “Kerosene,” which was released nearly 20 years ago in 2005. Watch the video below and see!

Similar to “Wranglers,” Miranda’s “Dammit Randy” is centered around a woman taking her power back and celebrating her independence. The new track is the second single released through her new deal with Republic Records and Big Loud Texas.

The song begins with Lambert directly questioning whether Randy ever truly listened to her during their relationship. She metaphorically describes him as standing dry in the middle of a waterfall, suggesting he was unable to be present with her due to internal distractions. Despite appearing as a perfect couple to others, it seems Randy struggled to fully commit or solidify their relationship.

“Well, dammit, Randy, did you ever hear me at all? /
You were standin’ bone dry in the middle of a waterfall /
You were livin’ in the dark, but you couldn’t see the light of day /
We were picture-perfect, but you couldn’t put it in a frame.

Yeah, now that I made it to the other side /
I hope you’re countin’ singles in your double-wide /
Smokin’ cigarettes like they’re goin’ out of style /
Turnin’ me up on your radio dial /
You gave up till the very last minute /
Now that I’m gone, I’ve got your attention.”

Miranda Lambert mentioned that the inspiration for “Dammit Randy” originated from a discussion she had with her producer Jon Randall just before she began her venture with her new labels. She said that she felt strongly supported by her new team.

“This song came out of a conversation the night before Jon Randall and I went into the studio to make this album. We were talking about how excited we were to be starting this journey with a new label family (Republic & Big Loud) and how supported we felt by them, which turned into chatting about situations where you might not feel so supported by someone – in this song’s case, an unappreciative Randy. So, this one’s for anyone with a Randy they need to move on from.”

Now, that’s what we call a revenge song!

Miranda posted a photo to her social media to announce her new song, along with the caption:


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Fans pretty much RAN to the comments to share their excitement for Miranda’s latest track.

“Love the song [that’s] a Miranda hit for sure.”
“Old Miranda is BACKKKK.”
“Okay Ms Miranda. You’ve gone & done it. I didn’t think I could love you anymore & then you release this wonderful song. Thank you!”
“This will be on repeat all day. all week. all month. you’ve done it again.”

We couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter in Miranda’s career! Listen to “Dammit Randy” below.

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