Maren Morris Says She’s Ready to Be Done With Her Divorce
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Maren Morris Says She’s Ready to Be Done With Her Divorce

Maren Morris has had a big year, for better or worse. In October, she filed for divorce from her husband, fellow country singer Ryan Hurd.

She also “left” country music this year as a result of what she calls “other people’s bad behaviors.”

While Morris has since cleared up the fact that she isn’t fully abandoning the format — she is just removing herself from the parts of it that she doesn’t care for — she is still waiting for her personal divorce to be over and done with.

During a recent guest appearance on SiriusXM’s the Howard Stern Show, Morris opened up  about her personal life since announcing her split from her husband. No, she’s not dating — Stern asked — and she’s not even thinking about it.

Maren Morris Says She’s Ready to Be Done With Her Divorce
Maren Morris

“I would like [the divorce] to sort of wrap up, I don’t have the headspace for that yet,” she admits. “But I’m writing so much right now, that’s kind of been my way of dating is just through song.”

The good that will come from this situation? Morris indicates a new album will potentially address the divorce and what her life is like since her marriage ended.

Very noticeable in the video is Morris’ shorter hair. She says it was an intentional choice that coincides with what’s happening in her personal life.

“I’ve known so many people that have gone through breakups or divorces,” she says, adding that she “cut all the trauma out of my hair,” in reference to her new bob hairstyle.

The “My Church” star admits she’s coming out of a bit of a funk — 2023 was mentally draining.

“I think I was starting to make very little sense, to myself, and to people around me, she says.”

She believes a lot of that stemmed from postpartum depression since welcoming her 3-year-old son during the pandemic, as well as the ongoing divorce from Hurd. “Zoloft is also really cool, I was on it for about a year,” she shares.

Morris released a 2 song EP called The Bridge in September of this year. No word yet on what 2024 has in store for her, music wise, but she’s sticking in Nashville for the foreseeable future.



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