Lainey Wilson Delivers Breathtaking Cover Of “Strawberry Wine” At BMI Country Awards
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Lainey Wilson Delivers Breathtaking Cover Of “Strawberry Wine” At BMI Country Awards

Country Songwriter Matraca Berg Recognized With 2023 BMI Icon Award

Songwriter Matraca Berg was honored with the BMI Icon Award during the 2023 BMI Country Awards.

Berg has penned many influential country songs, including “The Last One to Know” by Reba McEntire, “You and Tequila” by Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter, and “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter.

The latter song was Carter’s debut single. It reached the #1 spot on the Hot Country Songs chart and has been certified 2× Platinum by the RIAA. The song won the Single of the Year Award at the CMA Awards in 1997.

Carter has worked with Berg many times over the years. In fact, the two of them co-wrote “You and Tequila.”

Needless to say, Carter has a ton of respect for Berg and her skills as a songwriter:

“She is phenomenal. She has been the voice for women and such a neat perspective in country music, you know?” Carter said on the red carpet at the BMI Country Awards. “She says things different than anyone else does, unpredictable, but just off the stratosphere for creativity, lyric, medley. She is very tangible, her visuals for writing. That’s what I love so much.”

Hear Lainey Wilson Sing “Strawberry Wine” To Honor Berg At The BMI Country Awards

Lainey Wilson was on hand to help honor Berg at the BMI Country Awards. She performed a breathtaking cover of “Strawberry Wine.”

Wilson has covered “Strawberry Wine” a few times before. She even had the opportunity to perform part of the song with Carter herself while presenting an award at the 2021 CMA Awards.

Wilson’s own #1 single, “Watermelon Moonshine,” has often been likened to “Strawberry Wine.” The two songs have similar themes about the power of young love, and the memories that stick with you after that love fades.

The BMI Country Awards were not televised. So the greater public did not get the chance to see Wilson sing “Strawberry Wine” in Berg’s honor. Thankfully, American Songwriter shared a clip of Wilson’s performance on social media, which you can watch below.

This was a stunning tribute to Berg, who was more than deserving of the BMI Icon Award!

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