Jelly Roll Releases Emotional New Single “I Am Not Okay”
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Jelly Roll Releases Emotional New Single “I Am Not Okay”

Calling all Jelly Roll fans! The wait is officially over. “I Am Not Okay” is out now!

Jelly Roll’s new song is an emotionally honest portrayal of the singer’s mental health struggles. Its raw lyrics capture the emotions that many may struggle to express.

The repeated line of “I am not okay” throughout the song stands as a powerful mantra, breaking the stigma around mental health issues and reminding listeners that it’s okay not to be okay.

If you’re going through a tough time, read the song lyrics below and know there is hope for healing.

“I know I can’t be the only one /
Who’s holding on for dear life /
But God knows, I know, when it’s all said and done /
I’m not okay, but it’s all gonna be alright /
It’s not okay, but we’re all gonna be alright.

I know one day /
We’ll see the other side /
The pain will wash away /
In a holy water tide /
And we all gonna be alright.”

Jelly Roll first debuted the powerful song during Season 25 of The Voice, delivering a captivating performance that resonated deeply with the audience. Since then, fans have been practically begging the singer to release it.

Good news! Today, the single officially hit streaming platforms with Jelly sharing to his almost 3 million followers on Instagram, “‘I Am Not Okay’ is out now. For everyone going through something—it’s okay to not be okay, but it’s all gonna be alright!”


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Fans flooded the comments of his post, thanking the artist for sharing such a powerful message within the song.

“Thank you for always putting out something your fans can relate to. Especially those of us who struggle with just breathing, feeling like we’re drowning every day.”

“This song is everything. We are all going thru something and not ok…use kindness it always matters.”

“I’m so grateful you put this song out. I’ve been struggling a long time and it feels like no one else understands. So, thank you.”

“You really nailed it with this one.”

“This song hits hard. Thank you for releasing something so relatable for me and so many others.”

Just a few days before its release, Jelly showcased the new song at CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee, shutting down night three of the festival at Nissan Stadium.

This moment held special significance for the Tennessee native as it took place near Nashville’s Juvenile Detention Center, where Jelly Roll spent some time as a teenager.

He told the audience to sing so loud that the facility could hear, knowing that they would be able to since he had been in their unfortunate position once.

“I was in and out of jail, I was in and out of drug addiction, and tonight I am headlining CMA Fest!”

“I Am Not Okay” is the first official single off of Jelly Roll’s upcoming album.

During an interview with Audacy’s KMLE 107.9 in April, Jelly hinted at a few exciting collaborations to come, even including a few non-country ones.

“I’ve collaborated with some extraordinary individuals from both within and outside the genre. I’ve really gone for it. I have no reservations. I’m willing to take risks and explore different musical territories.”

While you wait for Jelly Roll’s full album, take a listen to “I Am Not Okay” below!

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