Is This Carrie Underwood Cover Hilarious, or Horrendous?
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Is This Carrie Underwood Cover Hilarious, or Horrendous?

You’ve never heard Carrie Underwood sing like this. Actually, you may never want to hear the hitmaker sing like this.

Although, some will find the context for this performance to be adorable, hilarious or even brilliant.

A cover of “Jesus Take the Wheel” is one of four clips the new Taste of Country Mornings team breaks down during this week’s reaction video.

Lainey Wilson‘s questionable decision in Australia, an outtake from Toby Keith‘s last ToC interview and some very controversial concert etiquette are also included in this week’s video.

An Instagram user named jacob_jw_7 shared video appearing to show an opossum driving a tractor with its tail. It’s been watched nearly 2.5 million times since early March. More than 250,000 people have “liked” the video.


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Possum take the wheel / Take it from my hand / You can drive this tractor all night long,” someone sings.

The song sort of falls apart after that, which may be for the best.

The first video finds Wilson drinking beer out of a cowboy boot during a concert in Australia. After that, Wood and Nicole watch Keith giving Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul good advice.

Finally, a discussion about when it’s appropriate to let someone sit on your shoulders at a concert, and the two radio hosts have very different opinions on this topic. Feel free to drop a comment on our YouTube video to share who’s wrong.

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