Cody Johnson Honors Military And First Responders, Leads Crowd In “God Bless America”
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Cody Johnson Honors Military And First Responders, Leads Crowd In “God Bless America”

Cody Johnson’s Leather Tour is underway.  

Cody Johnson’s highly-anticipated Leather is in its second weekend on the road and is making its way through California. The tour accompanies Johnson’s third studio album, Leather, released in November 2023 which contains the hit love song “The Painter.”

The original tour announcement in September contained 13 tour stops, but after initial fan response and ticket sales, 17 more stops were added, for a grand total of 30 shows.


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Cody Johnson shares a special moment with a San Diego crowd.   

On Friday, January 26th, the Leather Tour made its way to the Pechanga Arena, in San Diego, California. During the show, Cody Johnson led the crowd in an acoustic singalong of “God Bless America.” KSON, a local San Diego radio station, shared the clip online.

The crowd can be heard singing along to the 100+-year-old patriotic song, and afterward, some attendees commented about the experience. One user writes:

This was a moment- I was definitely teary-eyed singing along.

It was so awesome hearing everyone’s singing. I got choked up when I was singing 😢❤️🇺🇸” said another.


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Cody Johnson honors veterans, first responders, and more before singing “God Bless America.”  

Before encouraging the crowd to sing “God Bless America,” Cody Johnson took a few minutes during the show to honor those who have made sacrifices for our freedom. He calls out a few groups of people to raise their hands and be applauded by fellow concertgoers.

Law enforcement, first responders, nurses, and current and former military were among the groups that Johnson wished to honor. He gave the audience a passionate and humbling reminder:

If you didn’t raise your hand tonight, I want you to think about the simple freedoms that you take for granted every single day. You have the ability to disagree about politics, That’s a right that you get that somebody died for… You can choose what church you go to. You can choose what God you want to believe in because somebody gave their life for you to have the right to do so.”

See Cody Johnson’s speech in the clip below!

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