Carrie Underwood Reminisces On Her Favorite Fourth Of July Memory

Carrie Underwood

Heading into the holiday weekend, Carrie Underwood reflected on one of her favorite Fourth of July memories from her childhood in Oklahoma.

“I think my favorite Fourth of July memory would be going to the fireworks stand and picking out which fireworks I wanted to do. I must’ve been like 7 or 8, and I came home and made a list of what order I wanted to do them in, because I wanted to put a show on for Mom and Dad, and of course I couldn’t wait until it was dark outside,” the powerhouse singer said with a laugh. She continued, in the statement shared by her record label: “So, I made my Mom and Dad get the lawn chairs and come out to the backyard and watch some not very dramatic fireworks at like six o’clock in the evening, but I was so proud of myself, and I was so proud of the show that I put on. So, I feel like that was a little training for what I do now – putting on shows, figuring out how it’s all going to work out.”

Underwood recently kickstarted the latest leg of her epic Las Vegas residency, REFLECTION, hosted at Resorts World Theater. Underwood was the first artist to take the stage as a resident headliner at the 5,000-capacity venue when her residency began in 2021. The new set of dates begin at the heels of her 43-city “Denim & Rhinestones Tour,” after the release of her latest full-length album. Underwood is due to release the Denim & Rhinestones deluxe edition with six new tracks — including “Out Of That Truck” and “Take Me Out” — this September.