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“Blake Shelton and Toby Keith Perform ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboy’ at the 2018 ACM Awards”

“Shelton’s Surprise Performance at the 2018 ACM Awards”

In a surprising return to the 2018 ACM Awards, Blake Shelton took the stage after years of absence, leaving fans speculating about his song choice. While his current hit “I Lived It” seemed like a natural pick, anticipation also surrounded the possibility of his nominated song “I’ll Name the Dogs.” However, Shelton delivered an unexpected twist by including another song in his setlist, leaving everyone guessing until the moment he stepped up to perform.

Throwing It Back Like A Cowboy

Before the ceremony, the ACM revealed its plans to have special “ACM Throwback” performances. As stated in a press release, these performances would pair current stars with country icons to celebrate the 25th anniversary of songs released in 1993.

It was thrilling to see Shelton’s name in the lineup of artists that would be participating in the throwback performances. It was even more thrilling to see that he’d be joining Toby Keith to sing his breakout hit, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy.”

The song is one that Keith was celebrating himself that year. He named his 2018 tour The Should’ve Been A Cowboy Tour XXV to mark 25 years since its release.

Shelton And Keith Conquer The ACM Awards

The two had the entire crowd on their feet during their performance at the ACM Awards, and many of the other artists could be seen singing along. Based on their response once Keith and Shelton wrapped things up, their collaboration was on of the best things to happen on the stage that night!

There’s no denying it. Shelton and Keith’s ACM Awards performance of “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” was downright epic. Enjoy it over and over again by checking it out in the video below!

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