10 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Carrie Underwood
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10 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Carrie Underwood

Learn More About Country Music’s “Idol” – Carrie Underwood.

Ever since she won American Idol in 2005, Carrie Underwood has been at the forefront of the country music scene. She is now one of the most successful artists in the history of the genre, with over 65 million records sold worldwide.

Underwood is known for her beautiful voice, her passion for fitness, her adoration of animals, and her love for her family. She married hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010, and they welcomed their first child, a son named Isaiah, in 2015. Her second son, Jacob, was born in 2019.

But as any of Underwood’s diehard fans know, there is so much more to her than can be summed up in a few sentences. Here are ten things that you likely never knew about country music’s leading lady!

1.  She Was Almost Named “Stacy”

Instead of hearing Ryan Seacrest say that your next American Idol was Carrie Underwood, you would have heard him say “Stacy Underwood” if her parents had gone with their original name choice for her. During an interview with US Weekly in which she shared 25 fun facts about herself, Underwood revealed her parents came close to naming her Stacy instead of Carrie.

We don’t know about you, but “Carrie Underwood” just has a better ring to it!

2. Her Hometown Celebrates A Vegetable Every Year

Underwood is all about fitness and eating a healthy diet, and maybe it’s because her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma, hosts an annual festival that celebrates okra. Called Okrafest, Underwood told Nash Country Weekly that the town honors the vegetable since it “was a mainstay in the area’s Native Americans and early settlers.”

So what does Underwood think of her hometown’s favorite vegetable? As it turns out, she LOVES fried okra!

3. Speaking Of Her Hometown, She Founded A Charity There

Underwood is involved in a countless number of charitable efforts, but did you have any clue that she established a charity of her own?

In 2009, Underwood founded the Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation, also known as the C.A.T.S. Foundation, which is designed to help assist the Checotah community.

My hometown is extremely supportive of me and I feel blessed to be able to create something as a way of giving back; to say thank you,” Underwood is quoted as saying on the organization’s official website.

In 2009, the organization paired up with ACM Lifting Lives and gave $120,000 worth of new instruments to the town’s music programs. In 2011, the organization helped donate $350,000 to the town’s schools during the Christmas season. Now that’s impressive!

4. She Had An Unusual Pet As A Child

Underwood is a huge animal lover, and is currently the pet parent to dogs Penny and Ace. But when she was a child, Underwood had a slightly more unusual pet.

I had a pet duck when I was young,” Underwood told US Weekly. “His name was Drake. He liked to eat dog food and bite me.”

It sounds like Drake was quite an interesting pet!

5. There’s One Animal She Really Likes The Smell Of

Although the smell of skunk is probably the last thing you would classify as smelling “good,” Underwood feels the opposite. As she told US Weekly, she loves the smell!

Hmm, we just can’t agree with her on this!

6. She Had Never Been On A Plane Prior To American Idol

Now, Underwood travels across the country and around the world for concerts, award shows, and other appearances. But prior to appearing on American Idol, Underwood had never flown on a plane before.

Underwood made this confession during an interview with Nash Country Weekly, saying the first time she stepped foot on a plane was for Idol. She ended up earning her wings and the championship title, so we’d say that her first flight was a success!

7. You Won’t Catch Her On A Four-Wheeler Any Time Soon

Underwood may be a country girl, but if you think she’s one to hop on a four-wheeler and take off through a field, you’re mistaken. As she shared with Nash Country Weekly, she’s scared to death of riding every country fan’s recreational vehicle of choice.

But Underwood’s not only afraid of four-wheelers, but motorcycles as well. In fact, she said she’s scared of all recreational vehicles, period!

Does she not like “pretty little souped-up four-wheel drives” either? If so, no wonder she took it out on one in “Before He Cheats!”

8. She Is A Huge Fan Of Horror, Specifically Stephen King’s Books

Underwood is probably the last person you’d expect to be a big fan of horror movies and books, and honestly, she isn’t sure why she likes them either. Underwood spoke about her longtime love of the horror genre in a behind-the-scenes clip about her “Two Black Cadillacs” music video, saying:

I really don’t know why I’ve always loved horror movies, but I know why I’ve always loved Stephen King.”

In the clip, Underwood recalls that her mother always read King’s books, and she got in the habit of borrowing them. Even as a child, Underwood was fascinated by the books, and has remained a fan in her adult life. In fact, the music video for “Two Black Cadillacs” was partially inspired by King’s 1980 best-seller, Christine.

Did you ever make that connection before?

9. She Is Also A Big Fan Of Zombies

The Walking Dead was one of the biggest shows on TV during its run, and Underwood is one of its many fans. In fact, she’s such a big fan that she actually appeared on an episode of Talking Dead, the series which runs immediately after The Walking Dead airs.

Underwood got the chance to discuss her favorite show on Talking Dead, but as she told Marie Claire, she dreams of being able to do much more. “I’m just waiting for the offer. I could be a zombie.”

What do you think, would Underwood make a good zombie?

10. Her Day Will Be Ruined If She Doesn’t Do THIS One Thing


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