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Triston Harper’s “Beautiful Crazy” Cover Lands Him A Spot In The Top 10 On ‘American Idol’

During Monday night’s episode (April 22), American Idol revealed its Top 10 contestants.

15-year-old Triston Harper from McIntosh, Alabama, secured his place after navigating a challenging double-elimination round.

The Top 12 Showdown

The episode showcased the final 12 contestants vying for a coveted spot in the next stage of the competition. The theme revolved around performing Billboard No. 1 songs, and the singers received valuable guidance from guest mentor Meghan Trainor.


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Triston’s Performance

Triston Harper, the youngest contestant this season, captivated the audience with his rendition of “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs, dedicating the performance to his girlfriend, Paris.

“I’ve known Paris all my life. Seven months ago we decided that we was gonna become a thing. I can’t tell you how many people say it’s puppy love…gonna die out, but I feel like Paris is my forever and ever. Amen.”

A heartwarming moment occurred during his practice session, where mentor Meghan Trainor and Triston reached out to Paris via FaceTime as she was shopping at Walmart.

Watch the sweet moment below!

Judges’ Feedback

Triston’s heartfelt performance earned him praise from the judges. Lionel Richie commended him for showcasing vulnerability and urged him to maintain his emotional intensity during his future performances.

“Now we know you’re actually human. You see, I actually saw you gush and blush when your girlfriend came on…That was great. And I think what you need to do now is don’t lose your power when you’re singing. Make sure you give us more of that angst.”

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the need for Triston to infuse more of his unique style, reminiscent of his standout performance from the previous night.

“It’s a lot of pressure singing to your girl and being on American Idol. I loved it. I want to see more of that Elvis stuff you gave us last night incorporated,” Katy Perry expressed.

“It was the first time I’ve seen you really do like a 15-year-old performance, which is so you…It was a good, good performance. But I’m like Katy. I mean, that Elvis thing last night was pretty amazing,” Luke Bryan agreed.

Additionally, Scotty McCreery, the 2011 American Idol champion and the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry, is set to make a special appearance to perform his latest single, “Slow Dance.”

Triston Harper’s journey on American Idol continues to captivate audiences. Watch his latest performance of “Beautiful Crazy” below!


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