Toby Keith First Heard Himself On The Radio While Traveling With Shania Twain
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Toby Keith First Heard Himself On The Radio While Traveling With Shania Twain

In His Final Interview Before His Tragic Passing, Toby Keith Opened Up About The Moment He First Heard Himself Singing On The Radio.

Toby Keith’s final interview was conducted by news anchor Robin Marsh of KWTV. Titled ONE-ON-ONE WITH TOBY KEITH, it aired on Wednesday, January 24, and Thursday, January 25, on two different local news stations in Oklahoma. News9 posted the first sneak peek of the interview on January 20.

You can watch the full interview here.

At one point during the interview, Toby talked about Mercury’s Triple Play Tour, which was a concert series featuring Shania Twain, John Brannen, and Toby Keith himself.

During their discussion, Toby revealed how the collaboration among the three country music artists first came about. They combined their individual shows, with Toby opening, Shania performing in the middle, and John closing the concerts. This arrangement aimed to offer fans an exhilarating musical experience by uniting several top artists in the country music genre on one stage.

Triple Play Tour.

While Reminiscing About Their Time On The Road Together, Toby Shared The Story Of The Moment He Heard Himself On The Radio For The Very First Time.

“We left Nashville, headed to Louisville. The bus had two lounges on it, so it was me, Shania, John, a road manager, his wife, 6 [or] 8 bunks, and a lounge in the back and front. And we’re rolling, we get to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Shania’s in the back listening to the radio. Me and John are up here getting to know each other. She comes screaming up the aisle, ‘Oh my god you’re on the radio!’ And we all ran to the back and ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboys’ just blaring on Louisville or Bowling Green radio. The first day that we rolled out. The first time I heard myself on the radio, I was like, ‘Yeah, y’all get you some of that. Your opener’s getting some airplay.’ So we made it about six shows and that song was so popular and blowing up the charts.”

Shania Twain And Toby Keith Have Been Known To Have A Friendly Relationship Within The Music Industry, Often Collaborating And Supporting Each Other’s Work.

Following the devastating news of Toby’s passing, Shania took to her social media to pay tribute to her dear friend.

“I was digging around for these photos…Country music will never be the same without Toby. Rest in peace old friend.”

In the post, she shared three photos, concluding with an image from the Mercury’s Triple Play Tour.

See her touching tribute below.

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