This Touching Video of Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo Is Exactly What Relationships Should Be
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This Touching Video of Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo Is Exactly What Relationships Should Be

Jelly Roll has one of the most unique backstories in country music, and recently, his past led him to speak on Capitol Hill about fentanyl abuse in America.

A former felon, Roll offered testimony on his real-life experiences with the opioid epidemic in front of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. For someone who once was behind bars, the country star — a former drug dealer — to go to Capitol Hill to testify couldn’t have been easy.

Jelly Roll was as serious as the day is light when he spoke, sharing his story from the heart and soul. But what you didn’t see on TV was his nerves — the new Grammy nominee repeatedly reached behind him to seek out his wife Bunnie Xo’s touch and support.


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In the video, taken from Bunnie’s perspective, you see Jelly Roll’s arm behind him, holding her foot when anxiety crept in. This happened a few times during his testimony, and Bunnie’s video captures the montage.

“When he’s nervous and you’re his emotional support human and he keeps reaching for you,” she writes.

Bunnie then pans the camera around the room so you can see it’s full of people there for the testimony. It’s a look at their relationship that we never have really gotten before.

“You two have the most beautiful and inspiring relationship. The way you support each other. I was so proud of him for speaking on something he cares about,” one fan writes in the comments section. “You two are a powerful force and can and do really change the world.”

Jelly Roll even jumped in to comment himself, writing to his wife: “I’m more in love with you 8 years later than I’ve ever been.”


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