Reba McEntire Achieves Significant Milestone as “Voice” Coach
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Reba McEntire Achieves Significant Milestone as “Voice” Coach

Reba McEntire’s Rare Achievement on “The Voice” Matches Only One Other Coach

Country music icon Reba McEntire made waves on the Season 25 finale of “The Voice” by accomplishing a feat matched by only one other coach in the show’s history.

In the nail-biting finale that aired on Tuesday (May 21), Karen Waldrup from Team Dan + Shay secured fifth place, while Nathan Chester from Team Legend claimed fourth, and Bryan Olesen, also from Team Legend, clinched third.

The final showdown featured Josh Sanders and Asher HaVon, both representing Team Reba, with HaVon ultimately emerging as the victor and Sanders securing second place.

HaVon’s win was huge for McEntire since it was her first time winning The Voice. She joined the coaching lineup last season (Season 24), and her team member Ruby Leigh came in second place.

Now, after the Season 25 finale, McEntire is only the second coach in Voice history to have both the winner and the runner-up on her team. In 25 seasons, only one other coach has accomplished the same feat. But who, and when?

Which Previous Voice Coach Had Both The Winner & Runner-Up On Their Team?

It should come as no surprise that former coach Blake Shelton is the only other coach to have both the winner and runner-up on his team!

Shelton served as a coach on The Voice for 23 seasons. He won nine times, securing more wins than any other coach in the show’s history.

Shelton also had the runner-up contestant on his team for THREE of those nine wins. The first time he accomplished this feat was during Season 3, when Cassadee Pope won and Terry McDermott came in second place.

The “King of The Voice” replicated the feat during Season 18. Todd Tilghman won that season, and Toneisha Harris was the runner-up.

Shelton accomplished the feat for the third and final time during Season 22. Bryce Leatherwood won that season, while fellow Team Blake member bodie came in second place.

Reba McEntire can now etch her name in the Voice history books after accomplishing the same feat with Asher HaVon and Josh Sanders during Season 25. Congratulations to all of them!

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