Rare Footage Of Merle Haggard & Toby Keith Singing Together On A Tour Bus Resurfaces
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Rare Footage Of Merle Haggard & Toby Keith Singing Together On A Tour Bus Resurfaces

Old Video Resurfaces Of Tour Bus Jam Session Between Merle Haggard And Toby Keith

Merle Haggard and Toby Keith were the closest of friends. Because of their tight bond, they often jammed out together, and would sing Haggard’s classic hits.

But one of their performances likely sticks out in Keith’s mind more than any other. In February 2016, Haggard had been battling double pneumonia for two months, but despite doctor’s orders he wanted to go through with a show he had scheduled for February 6th.

Part of the way through the show, Haggard started to get out of breath. Luckily, Keith was at the show that day, and when Haggard asked him if he could help out, he was happy to do so.

Keith joined Haggard on stage to sing a few songs, and the crowd was none the wiser about Haggard’s condition. That show ended up being one of Haggard’s last, as he passed away on April 6. 


This Video Hits Harder Now That Toby’s Gone Too…

In the months after Haggard’s death, Keith performed multiple tributes to him, including a medley at The Grand Ole Opry. Sadly, Keith himself would pass away just a few years later.

Keith died on February 5, 2024 at the age of 62 after a years-long battle with stomach cancer.

Any time we uncover one of Keith and Haggard’s performances, it makes us think of their unwavering friendship.

Footage resurfaced online of Haggard and Keith singing together with Scott Emerick on Keith’s tour bus before a CMT special years ago. The casual clip shows the three friends hanging out and singing some of Haggard’s greatest songs, including “I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am” and “It’s All in the Movies.”

You can tell that Keith, Haggard, and Emerick enjoyed each other’s company, as they shared several laughs with one another. It may seem like a simple memory. But now that we’ve lost Haggard and Keith, it’s a memory country fans will dearly treasure.

Tune in below to see the rare clip of Haggard and Keith’s casual jam session with Emerick. Although this clip makes us smile, it also makes us miss Haggard and Keith even more. May they rest in peace.

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