OU Honors Toby Keith With Tribute Painted On Football Field
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OU Honors Toby Keith With Tribute Painted On Football Field

Toby Keith Was A Huge Fan Of OU, And All Of His Kids Went To School There

OU found the perfect way to honor one of its biggest fans, Toby Keith.

As a native Oklahoman, Toby was a huge fan of OU, particularly OU football. His daughter, Krystal, explained how he started selling Cokes in the stadium as a kid so he could attend the games.

Toby shared three children with his wife, Tricia. When it came time for them to attend college, Krystal said he made it clear “where he was willing to spend his money.” All three of his kids ended up attending OU.

He bled crimson and it’s genetic,” Krystal said.


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Toby Keith passed away on February 5, 2024, following a years-long battle with stomach cancer. Upon learning about his death, OU’s president, Joseph Harroz Jr., released the following statement.

Throughout his illustrious career, he remained rooted in his Oklahoma upbringing, choosing to live in the state that shaped him and giving back generously to his fellow Oklahomans. His philanthropic efforts, from raising millions for children battling cancer to supporting tornado victims, exemplified his unwavering commitment to his roots and compassion for others. As a lifelong Sooner, Toby’s passion for the crimson and cream made him a cherished figure within Sooner Nation, where he proudly shared his love for the university and its community.”

OU president honors Toby Keith after his passing

OU Found A Touching Way To Honor Toby Keith After His Death

OU Football honored Toby with a touching tribute at their Spring game on Saturday (April 20). They had Toby’s name and image painted on the 25-yard line in their signature crimson color.

The University shared a photo of the tribute on social media, and wrote, “Honoring an Oklahoma legend. We love you and miss you every day, TK.”

See OU’s tribute to Toby in the post below.

Toby Keith was the founder of the Toby Keith 



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