NBC Releases First Trailer For Reba’s New Show, “Happy’s Place”
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NBC Releases First Trailer For Reba’s New Show, “Happy’s Place”

Check out the fresh trailer unveiling a sneak peek into Reba’s upcoming sitcom, “Happy’s Place”! Reba McEntire, the country music icon, recently shared the exciting news of her starring role in this NBC comedy.

She expressed her enthusiasm to kick off filming earlier this year, promising a delightful experience for fans.
Then, we learned that her longtime friend and former Reba co-star Melissa Peterman joined the cast. We also learned that Blue Bloods star Belissa Escobedo signed on to the project.

Things got even sweeter when McEntire confirmed that her boyfriend, Rex Linn, is also involved in the series.


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McEntire will play a character named Bobbie, who inherits a restaurant from her late father. But, she’s in for a huge surprise when she discovers she has a business partner…the younger half-sister she never knew she had.

Escobedo plays Bobbie’s sister, Isabella. Peterman was cast as a bartender and friend of Bobbie’s named Gabby.

As for Linn, we don’t know his character’s name, but it was revealed he’ll play a short-order cook at the restaurant.

McEntire unveiled the sitcom’s title in a post she shared on May 7. She included photo of herself holding the script for the show, Happy’s Place.

#ICant think of a better way to end the day…a new single and now a new sitcom,” she said. “We’ll see you at #HappysPlace on @nbc soon!

McEntire also confirmed she will sing the theme song for the new show. She previously sang “I’m a Survivor,” which was the theme for her Reba sitcom.

Get Your First Look At Happy’s Place In The Video Below

NBC released the show’s first trailer on May 14. The one-minute clip gives fans their first look at all of the characters and outlines the show’s premise.

We see Bobbie and Isabella learning that their father left his restaurant to both of them. This thrills Isabella, but leaves Bobbie feeling distressed…especially after she learns that Isabella is her sister.

The trailer also showcases a short exchange between Bobbie and Gabby, as well as a brief conversation between Bobbie and the cook (played by Linn).

Fans reacted to the trailer in the comments, writing things such as:

“Reba and Melissa Peterman back together once again!”

“I’m excited!!!! Reba rocks!!!!!”

“I can’t wait and love Reba.”

“So excited for this! Looks like a lot of fun! Reba is always great!!!”

“I couldn’t be happier!!!”


Now, you can get your first look at McEntire’s new show Happy’s Place by tuning in to the trailer below. The show is slated to debut on NBC this fall!


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