Morgan Wallen + Post Malone Debut New Song ‘I Had Some Help’ at Stagecoach (VIDEO)
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Morgan Wallen + Post Malone Debut New Song ‘I Had Some Help’ at Stagecoach (VIDEO)

Morgan Wallen surprised the Stagecoach crowd with Post Malone on Sunday (April 28) as they opted to debut their new song “I Had Some Help.” The pair wasted no time launching into the unreleased track.
“I had some help / It ain’t like I can make this kind of mess all by myself / Don’t act like you ain’t help me pull that bottle off the shelf / Been deep in every weekend, if you couldn’t tell / They say teamwork makes the dream work / Hell, I had some help (help),” they belted out together in the chorus to a very happy audience.

When Will Morgan Wallen and Post Malone Release “I Had Some Help”?

While the two singers have not revealed their plans to release “I Had Some Help,” they had been sharing pieces of the song on social media. Malone even posted another clip of the song just days before their performance. Fans chimed in with their excitement for the new track.

“I need this song more than I need air,” one user wrote in the comments.

“For the love of God, drop the track already,” another wrote.

“I want this more than the Swifties wanted Fortnight.”

Now that the new track has been shared in its entirety, it’s possible it will be released soon. Both artists were also recently spotted recording what could be a music video.


Is Post Malone Doing Country Music?

Malone got the country music world talking when he performed with Wallen and Hardy at the 2023 CMA Awards. After rumors of a country album caught fire, he confirmed they were true during a Twitch livestream.

The rapper also performed a country-heavy set while on stage at Stagecoach. He covered Alan Jackson‘s “Chattahoochee” and even brought out a few country guests. Dwight Yoakam joined him for “Little Ways,” and Brad Paisley was with him for “I’m Gonna Miss Her.”

Details about Malone’s country album have yet to be announced.

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