Keith Urban Drops Electrifying Life Anthem, ‘Straight Line’ [Listen]
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Keith Urban Drops Electrifying Life Anthem, ‘Straight Line’ [Listen]

Keith Urban is kicking off his 12th studio album with its lead track, “Straight Line.”

Out now, the energetic song features an Urban-centric blend of pop and country influences as he glides through a catchy melody to celebrate life and fiercely living out one’s dreams.

“In a straight line, baby / Hey, whatcha say we’re never gonna look back now? / Can’t you see the sun shinin’? / You and me drivin’ out from under this dark cloud / I wanna know what they mean / When they say life’s a dream / Shouldn’t we be dreamin’ it too?/ In a straight line, baby / Startin’ now, takin’ a straight line / Straight into forever with you / Yeah, with you,” Urban sings in the electrifying chorus.

“This is the song that kicks off an album I’m jonesing to share with you all,” shares the country star, who penned the tune with Greg Wells, Chase McGill and Jerry Flowers.

“I chose it first for a lot of reasons, but particularly because I think it represents an energy and spirit that became a through line of the whole record. I’m gonna cover a lot of themes, emotions and vibes on this album but a very human spirit runs through them all.”

“‘Straight Line’ is wanting to break out of a soul-sucking routine that you might be stuck in: maybe in a relationship, a job, with creativity, with yourself…whatever it is!!” he continues. “It’s a message of feeling alive again and getting out from under that dark cloud. If you’ve seen us in concert, I hope it gives you that same feeling.”

“Straight Line” was preceded by 2022’s “Street Called Main,” “Brown Eyes Baby” and “Nightfalls.” 2021 saw the release of Urban’s latest full-length album, The Speed of Now Part 1, and “Wild Hearts.”

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