Kane Brown Previews a ‘Heavy Song’ About His Depression [Watch]
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Kane Brown Previews a ‘Heavy Song’ About His Depression [Watch]

As promised, Kane Brown will be digging into some dark, personal subject matter in the songs on his next album.

In March of 2023, the singer said that he was working on writing about tough topics including depression, childhood trauma and suicidal thoughts.

Those are issues that he’s been fairly open about in interviews, and he also broaches the subject of mental health in his 2021 Blackbear collaboration, “Memory.

” Still, Brown’s never fully dug into this difficult subject matter in his own writing — until now.

On Wednesday night (Jan. 10), Brown hopped on social media to preview one of those songs, sharing a snippet of studio video as a new song plays in the background.

He didn’t share the title of the song, but it’s possible it’s called “Haunted,” since that’s a word that appears over and over again in the chorus.

Kane Brown Previews a ‘Heavy Song’ About His Depression
Kane Brown

“Haunted by the voice in my head / Haunted by the taste of that lead / I wanted too many times to jump off the ledge / Thinking I was better off dead,” the lyrics of the chorus read, according to a comment from Brown on his post. “I’m haunted only every other night / Haunted and I wish I knew why / I wanted too many times to be gone by morning / If I’m honest, yeah, I’m haunted…”


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Brown has long said that his main goal in talking about tough subjects is to help fans feel less isolated. In the caption of his new post, he doubles down on that sentiment with a reassuring message.

“Sneak preview of a heavy song about depression and horrible thoughts and feelings that I feel like a lot of us go through but don’t like to talk about with other people,” the singer writes.

“If you relate to the song at all just know that you’re not alone and I love you,” he adds.

The singer has also hinted at some other new songs that deal with similarly personal subjects. Back in March, he said he had recently written a song called “Learning,” which gave him the chance to focus “a little bit more in depth over the stuff I went through” in early life.

Brown hasn’t formally announced his next album yet, but there have been rumblings: He just put out a single called “I Can Feel It,” and added a tour to match, plus he’s one of Taste of Country’s predictions for a hot new album release in 2024. When it arrives, his next record will be the follow-up to his 2022 project, Different Man.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, call or text the 24-hour Suicide and Crisis Line at 988. Even if it feels like it, you are not alone.

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