Jelly Roll & Bunnie Xo Reveal Plans To Have A Baby
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Jelly Roll & Bunnie Xo Reveal Plans To Have A Baby

Jelly Roll & His Wife Bunnie Xo Discuss Expanding Their Family

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo would love to have a baby together. The “Need a Favor” singer has two children from previous relationships: a 16-year-old daughter named Bailee Ann and a 7-year-old son named Noah.

Bunnie and Jelly Roll have full custody of Bailee, and Bunnie has helped raise her since she was young. In fact, Jelly Roll gives Bunnie the credit for helping him get custody of Bailee in the first place because she supported him financially when he was homeless.

“It takes a special kind of woman to raise a kid that isn’t her child and still treat the child as if she was,” Jelly Roll said in a 2020 Instagram post. “Bunnie is that special woman, outside of the social media, outside of the podcast, and all the business endeavors she does and helps me with, Bunnie is a beautiful soul. She is kind, patient, and caring. Over the years watching her relationship with Bailee blossom into this beautiful mother daughter bond that it has become has been nothing short of magical.”


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Now, the couple is starting their journey toward having a baby together. Jelly Roll shared the news about their pregnancy plans during an appearance on the Bussin’ With the Boys podcast on Monday (June 3).

Jelly Roll shared that his and Bunnie’s plans to expand their family motivated him to care for his health.

My wife and I are talking about having a baby, and it really made me realize that at almost 40, I was like, it means I got to live to at least 60. I got to see this kid into college,” he said.

In April, Jelly Roll said he’s lost “70-something” pounds since starting his fitness journey. He also set a goal to run a 5K race and just completed that goal in May. Bunnie was by his side and celebrated with him after the race.

Bunnie Reveals They’re On An “IVF Journey”

After the Bussin’ With the Boys podcast debuted, Bunnie shared a post opening up about her and Jelly Roll’s plans to add a baby to the family. She revealed that they’ve been talking to IVF doctors.

“Papa Bear dropped a surprise on this pod today. We had planned on doing this privately, but decided our IVF journey needed to be shared because we’ve always been so open. And w/ all odds stacked against us, it’s already been hard and we have only just begun. We have been meeting with IVF doctors & exploring all our options to add to our family.”

She added:

“J and I are so excited and scared all at the same time. We genuinely never thought we’d want to add to our family but something changed this year & we both just want a piece of us together to add to our already perfect family with Bailee & Noah….so here we go y’all! Send all your love our way.”

Bunnie captioned the video with a hopeful message, writing, “God Willing- Baby DeFord 2026.”

Fans expressed their support for Bunnie and Jelly Roll in the comments, writing:

“oh bunnie my heart is exploding for you guys!!!!!! You are already an amazing mama!”

“Praying for health and fertility for you both.”

“Omg!!!! Best news on the internet! I’m cheering for baby deford!”

“seeing how you are with bailee we already know your an amazing mother praying for success in this journey for you guys.”

“That’s beautiful good luck to y’all. You both would be wonderful parents.”

“Ohhhh I love this so much! Best wishes in your journey.”

Head below to see Bunnie’s post about having a baby, and watch Jelly Roll speak about their plans in the video. We’re sending them lots of love as they embark on this journey!


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