Jason Aldean Tops Not One, But Two of Google’s 2023 ‘Year in Search’ Lists
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Jason Aldean Tops Not One, But Two of Google’s 2023 ‘Year in Search’ Lists

Jason Aldean was a big topic of discussion in 2023, and the search numbers prove it. Google has compiled several lists of trending topics from the year in their annual Year in Search recap, and he tops not one, but two.

The search engine harvested its data to determine what were the most-Googled items over the last 365 days in the United States. The Top 10 lists cover a wide variety of subjects like music, food, memes, news and more.

Aldean finds himself on top of two lists as 2023 draws to a close: Musicians and Songs. Aside from his position as a veteran in country music, his song “Try That in a Small Town” was also at the center of plenty of conversations after the music video was filmed in a controversial location.

The song and the video put Aldean in the spotlight earlier this year, with many people Googling both the song and the artist to learn more about the chatter.

The “If I Didn’t Love You” singer isn’t the only country artist included in Google’s Top 10 for Musicians and Songs: Newcomer Oliver Anthony makes the list as the No. 3 musician, while his breakout song “Rich Men North of Richmond” lands in second place on the songs list.

His raw song about the working class went viral in August, which led to many inquiries on the popular search site.

Taylor Swift and Jimmy Buffett also land on the Songs list. Swift falls in at No. 7 with “Cruel Summer,” and Buffett is close behind in the eighth position with “Margaritaville.” In addition, the late singer is listed at No. 4 on the Passings list after his death on Sept. 1.

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