How Toby Keith’s Wife Supports Him Through His Cancer Battle
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How Toby Keith’s Wife Supports Him Through His Cancer Battle

Meet Toby Keith’s Wife, Tricia Covel

Toby Keith’s wife, Tricia Covel, has stood by his side for nearly 40 years. They married on March 24, 1984.

After they married, Toby adopted Tricia’s daughter, Shelley. They later welcomed another daughter, Krystal, and a son, Stelen.

Today, Toby and Tricia are grandparents to several grandchildren as well.


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Additionally, Tricia serves as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for The Toby Keith Foundation. The Foundation supports Toby’s OK Kids Korral, a home-away-from-home for families with children receiving cancer treatments.

Toby created his foundation and the OK Kids Korral years before he faced his own cancer battle.

He Received A Stomach Cancer Diagnosis In 2021

Although Toby received his stomach cancer diagnosis in 2021, he did not go public with the news until a few months later. After sharing the news, Toby took some time off from performing so he could focus on his treatments and spend time with his family.

Toby gradually returned to performing in 2023. His big “comeback” moment occurred during the People’s Choice Country Awards in September. The ceremony honored Toby with its first Country Icon Award. Tricia attended the event as his date, and they walked the red carpet together.

Toby Keith's wife Tricia attends the 2023 People's Choice Country Awards with him

After Blake Shelton performed Toby’s “Who’s Your Daddy?” in tribute, Toby took to the stage himself. He delivered a moving performance of his 2018 song “Don’t Let the Old Man In.”

The song includes lyrics such as, “Many moons I have lived. My body’s weathered and worn.”

Considering everything Toby has been through in recent years, those lyrics hit different watching him sing them now. The cameras cut a few times to show Tricia crying in the audience while Toby sang.

How Has Toby Keith’s Wife Supported Her Husband Throughout His Cancer Battle?

Recently, Toby sat down for an interview with News 9 to speak about his cancer battle. During the interview, he shared how Tricia has helped support him through it all.

Toby’s face lit up and he smiled as he detailed how Tricia has been there for him:

Aw she’s been a trooper. She’s the best nurse. She absolutely – the first time we went to Houston, the hospital, she stepped right in, and she just took control, and said ‘We’ve got this, let’s go.’ She’s like, ‘We’re gonna get this, and don’t worry about it.’”

Clearly, Tricia serves as a rock in Toby’s life, and he can always count on her support. Listen to him describe how she’s been there for him throughout his cancer battle by tuning in to his interview with News 9 below.

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