Emmy Russell Delivers Her “Best” Performance Yet With Adele Cover
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Emmy Russell Delivers Her “Best” Performance Yet With Adele Cover

Before being voted into the Top 5 of American Idol, Emmy Russell delivered what was called her best performance of the entire competition.

Season 22 of American Idol is winding down and on Sunday night’s (May 5) episode, seven contestants performed twice trying to make the Top 5. The first round of performances were songs that made the singers want to dance. Emmy Russell from Nashville, Tennessee chose a great song, “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon.

The second round was Adele themed, due to her being an international superstar, and it was also her birthday. Singer Ciara mentored each of the remaining seven singers this week.

Russell performed Adele’s song “Water Under The Bridge,” which was included on her album 25. It was the fourth single she released off that album, which took home two Grammy Awards and went number one on 29 different charts.

Emmy wore a black sparkly dress to channel her inner Adele and gave this performance more passion than we’ve ever seen. The judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, gave her a standing ovation, and then each praised her rendition, as well as her journey on the show.

What did the judges think of her performance?

Perry went first and said, “I mean I just got so lost! I was like, ‘Am I at an Emmy Russell show?’ Your voice has never sounded better than tonight. I don’t know what you did to psych yourself up through the week, but you sounded the best tonight that you’ve ever sounded. You look great, you’re very confident, I’m excited for your future, I can’t believe we’re all still here, and you got the memo!” 

Bryan was up next, and said he knows that she is special because she knows “exactly who [she is].”

He continued, “You’re learning to add little sparkles and even more high-end stuff and it’s really fun to watch. You don’t get yourself into any trouble, which is very smart. Good job!”

Richie told her, “Congratulations on this, you’ve actually conquered your demon. Before, you wouldn’t make eye contact with us, and now you’re just standing there as confident as ever and I might add, a little sultry tonight. What I’m saying is, you are standing in your light.” 

Seacrest approached Russell to ask her what she thought of the judges’ comments and her response and witty back and forth with Seacrest tells you just how far she has come from being that shy girl we first met in auditions.

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