Cody Johnson Releases New Music Video For “The Painter”
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Cody Johnson Releases New Music Video For “The Painter”

Cody Johnson has released the highly anticipated music video for his hit song “The Painter,”— and it’s just as sweet as we imagined it would be.

“The Painter” Music Video

The video unfolds with the charm of a classic love story, featuring a couple meeting for the very first time at a bar. The story begins as a younger version of Cody Johnson approaches a woman, who symbolizes his now-wife, and invites her to dance.

Proving that their meeting was a case of “love at first sight” for him, the man asks the women to marry him right there on the dance floor after just meeting a few songs prior. Her response, with a small laugh and a head shake, was a light hearted “you’re crazy,” which sets the tone for their love story portrayed in the video.

The video seamlessly shifts between present-day scenes of Cody Johnson singing in a black and white sequence and glimpses of the couple’s shared moments.

The video unfolds with heartwarming scenes capturing the couple’s adventures, from their travels to their engagement and wedding. As the song progresses, there is an artistic transformation in Johnson’s scenes, transitioning from black and white to vibrant color. The transformation unfolds gradually as Johnson’s real-life wife, Brandi, makes her entrance into the video. She approaches Johnson, drawing nearer until they embrace, marking the moment when the entire video bursts into vibrant color.

Cody Johnson’s Album Release

“The Painter” served as the debut single from Johnson’s newly launched album, Leather, which follows his 2021 release, Human: The Double Album. Prior to the album’s launch, he revealed plans for “The Leather Tour,” which has recently kicked off and is set to take him to cities across the country until the summer.


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Watch Cody Johnson’s music video for “The Painter” below:

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