Carrie Underwood’s Sons Picked Out Some Very Unique Ornaments [Pictures]
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Carrie Underwood’s Sons Picked Out Some Very Unique Ornaments [Pictures]

Carrie Underwood Christmas tree is anything but ordinary this year. In addition to her own personal stylistic touches, her tree features some unique pieces, thanks to her two sons, Isaiah and Jacob

The country star showed off her “messy” holiday tree on social media, highlighting the special ornaments her 7 and 3-year-old boys selected.

“For those who heard my ‘messy Christmas tree’ story in Vegas, this is a classic ornament my boys picked out,” she writes on a photo in her Instagram Stories.

In one photo is a very festive red raptor. The dinosaur would look quite menacing if not for its holiday accessories — he is wearing Santa Claus’ classic red cap with white trim, and he’s carrying a large candy cane that’s adorned with a bow.

Another not-so-traditional ornament her boys loved? A robot. The machine could almost be mistaken for a nutcracker, as its stance is very rigid and stout. His eyes jut out of the top of its body, inside of a glass dome that serves as its head.

Although there are not Christmas elements on it per se, the glitter accents give it some holiday flair.


Underwood recently wrapped up her Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency show for 2023. Fans can still see the show next year, as she will continue her Sin City run with new dates just added through October 2024.

The “Out of That Truck” singer has returned to Vegas every year since the show launched in Dec. 2021.

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