Carrie Underwood Shares Rare Videos Of Son Jacob For His 5th Birthday
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Carrie Underwood Shares Rare Videos Of Son Jacob For His 5th Birthday

Carrie Underwood and her family took full advantage of the Nashville cold snap on Sunday night (Jan. 21), which also just so happened to be her youngest son Jacob’s fifth birthday.

To celebrate, Jacob took his birthday party outside for an evening of night skating on the family’s frozen-over pond. Underwood captured the whole thing on video, documenting as Jacob and a selection of friends and family members whizzed around the ice playing hockey.

“A special birthday for a special 5 year old!!!” the singer wrote in the caption of her post. “Our pond was frozen over in perfect condition for a night skate! What a treat!!!

Carrie Underwood, Instagram

Carrie Underwood, Instagram

“Happy birthday, Jake! I know you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!” Underwood’s birthday tribute continued.

The photo and video montage shows Jacob — fully enjoying his birthday game of ice hockey, in fact, he barely stayed still long enough to pose for a picture. At one point, his country star mom managed to get his attention long enough to ask, “Did you have a good birthday?” “Yes!” Jacob replies with a grin.


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Between the party activity of choice and Jacob’s birthday cake — which was in the shape of a panda playing basketball — it’s clear that sports were a big theme for the young boy’s birthday. Jacob and his older brother, Isaiah, come honestly by their love of ice hockey: After all, their dad is Mike Fisher, former NHL pro, who played for the Ottawa Senators and, later, the Nashville Predators.

During her breaks from touring and the studio, Underwood frequently shares updates from home with her fans — often about her progress in the garden or her home-baked sourdough bread, but also snippets into her life as a mom to two children. Underwood’s kids often come out to her shows, and her older son, nine-year-old Isaiah, even sang on a duet version of “Little Drummer Boy” for her 2020 holiday album, My Gift.

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