Carrie Underwood Net Worth In 2024 From ‘American Idol’ Contestant to Country Queen
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Carrie Underwood Net Worth In 2024 From ‘American Idol’ Contestant to Country Queen

Carrie Underwood’s net worth in 2024 is definitely different from her American Idol days. The country singer has managed to achieve crossover success across genres—no small feat! The Grammy-winning artist has managed to top the charts with a number of singles throughout her career.

With award-winning albums and almost 20 years in the business, Underwood is still at the top of her game. Find out how much she’s made through the years.

How did Carrie Underwood become famous?

It may seem strange to remember a time before Carrie Underwood was a superstar singer. The future country star began performing in her childhood, singing at local events near her Checotah, Oklahoma, home.

In fact, the future best-selling artist almost landed a record deal with Capitol Records in 1997 when she was just 14 before a change in company management resulted in the deal being scrapped.

In mid-2004, Underwood took her first step into eventual fame when she auditioned for the fourth season of hit reality music competition series American Idol.

She was not only accepted into the competition, the blonde crooner would go on to win it all! Underwood built an extensive fan base during her time on the series, with a group of devotees dubbing themselves “Carrie’s Care Bears.

” With a built-in audience at the ready following her time on Idol, Underwood seamlessly transitioned from reality TV champion to country music crossover success.

What is Carrie Underwood’s net worth in 2024?

Carrie Underwood has a net worth of $140 million in 2024, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In her almost two decades in the spotlight, she has amassed this fortune through her success as a singer-songwriter.

Underwood has been especially successful as a music artist due to her crossover appeal in both country and pop, allowing her to sell to a larger audience. (Net worth accurate as of January 2024.)

How much does Carrie Underwood make per year?

It has been reported that singer Carrie Underwood earns upward of $12 million a year! This crazy amount of money can rise or fall depending on the projects the country star has under her belt each year, if they are successful and if she is touring.

How much money did Carrie Underwood make on American Idol?

Contestants on American Idol do earn money during their time on the series—well,  some of them do. In 2007, NBC reported that contestants only get paid once they reach the coveted Top 12.

However, nowadays that has been expanded to the Top 24. Once contestants reach the finalist stage, they are required to sign up with AFTRA, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, which currently costs $1,600 to join.

These finalists are currently paid $921 each week for every hour-long episode. When competitors reach the Top 10, and go on to do the American Idols Live! tour, the number increases, but it is not clear to how much.

Varying reports put the stipend for live concerts from $1,000 to $5,000 per show, with the touring finalists earning around $150,000 for four or five months of shows.

In 2012, it was reported that the Top 24 contestants receive $1,571 (plus meals) for two-hour shows, $1,303 for one-hour shows and $910 for half hour shows.

The American Idol winner earns a recording contract with Hollywood Records, which is owned by Disney.

The Idol gets $125,000 when they begin working on their first album and $125,000 when it is finished. They’re also given a budget of $300,000 to work on the album as an advance, however, this needs to be paid off once it is completed.

All of this goes to say that Carrie Underwood likely earned around half a million dollars from her time with American Idol, more or less.

However, considering the show launched her career and she has gone on to earn a net worth of a reported $140 million, the experience itself seems to be worth its weight in gold for her.

How much does Carrie Underwood make per concert?

Carrie Underwood reportedly has a rider that states she should be paid at least $500,000 per concert, however, that figure is from 2014. It is likely she has increased that amount in the nine years since. It has also been reported her 2019 Cry Pretty Tour earned as much as $50 million!

It is important to note that Underwood likely does not get to pocket that entire amount herself as many people earn a percentage from the profit from music tours.

How much does Carrie Underwood make for Sunday Night Football?

It has been reported that Carrie Underwood is paid around $1 million each week for her performance of the Sunday Night Football theme. This would net the country star $18 million per season. Underwood and the NFL have not confirmed this salary, however, so it remains unsubstantiated.

How much did Carrie Underwood get paid for Stagecoach?

It is not known how much Carrie Underwood was paid to perform at the Stagecoach music festival in 2022. However, considering it has previously been reported that she had a rider that stated she needed to be paid at least $500,000 per performance in 2014, it is likely she was paid $500,000 or more.

How much did Carrie Underwood get paid for Cobra Kai?

Carrie Underwood had a cameo in Netflix series Cobra Kai, in the penultimate episode of the fourth season. She sang the song “The Moment of Truth.” However, it has not been publicly revealed how much Underwood was paid for her appearance.

The singer did establish her love of The Karate Kid franchise. “I had so much fun being on the set and singing such a classic song … I grew up watching Daniel and Johnny, and I can’t believe I actually get to be a small part of the legacy that is The Karate Kid. Once I discovered Cobra Kai a few years ago, it became one of my favorite shows!”

In fact, the creators chose the Idol winner for the cameo appearance because they had seen her tweeting about the series!

How much did Carrie Underwood sell Calia for?

Calia was Carrie Underwood’s activewear brand up until 2021, starting in 2015. It is not known how much she earned when she left the apparel line. The name “Calia” apparently comes from the calla lily, a flower whose very name means beautiful.

Underwood’s statement about leaving the brand read in part, “I am so proud of everything we’ve created and built, and look forward to seeing where Calia goes from here! I’m excited about all the future has to bring.

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