Carrie Underwood: How She Spends Her Las Vegas Days Off
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Carrie Underwood: How She Spends Her Las Vegas Days Off

Carrie Underwood is in the middle of her December run at Resorts World in Las Vegas, with shows tonight (12/6), this weekend, and next week. However, her work schedule and being away from her Nashville home is not stopping the mother of two from finding the time to do some serious baking.

As she often does, Carrie is sharing her baking and holiday creations on her Insta Stories. She posted a photo of a sourdough bread in the first of a series of slides and wrote, “Here’s hoping I can fit in my @Reflection wardrobe tomorrow! #Sourdoygh #IBakeOnDaysOff.”

The second slide shows a sheet of unbaked cookies in various shapes for the holidays. She wrote, “Why are there cat cookies? Because there was a cat cookie cutter. That’s why. Christmas cat.”

In the third slide, she shows the unbaked cookies before they went into the oven. She wrote, “Christmas music, wine icing, and me!” The final slide on her Insta Stories shows the cookies baked and decorated. She wrote, “I’m not good at cookie decoration, but they are made with love.”

In other Carrie news, she will have a new collaboration coming soon. Not long ago, Cody Johnson explained explained where his Carrie Underwood duet is after his new Leather album tracklist was announced, and a duet with Underwood was not in the twelve songs on the project. Cody teased the new collaboration in June before his performance at CMA Fest.

Johnson told us, “I guess I can just go ahead and tell you, it’s on the deluxe edition. The issue is when you’re dealing with an artist of that caliber, you have to be very respectful of their time. You have to be respectful of their tour when they’re releasing an album, when they’re releasing a single.”

Cody continued, “Carrie was so gracious to work with. I respect her so much as a vocalist and an artist. I think a lot of newer artists would have got that (duet) and said, ‘Look, I have a duet with Carrie Underwood! Look, look, look!’ I’m very thankful she did it, so I don’t care when it comes out. I know that it’s done. I know that when the timing is right, it will be beautiful.” He added, “I think it’s something that’s gonna be trajectory-altering as a single if it gets to be a single.”

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