Carrie Underwood Expresses Displeasure with Luke Bryan for His Controversial Joke.
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Carrie Underwood Expresses Displeasure with Luke Bryan for His Controversial Joke.

Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan, two renowned country music artists, recently found themselves embroiled in a feud after Bryan made a joke that did not sit well with Underwood.

The incident occurred during the 54th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, which was held in Las Vegas.

During the event, Bryan, who was hosting alongside Blake Shelton, made a lighthearted remark about Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher. The comment came after Bryan jokingly discussed the ongoing rivalry between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Nashville Predators, the hockey teams associated with the respective cities.

Bryan stated, “We’ve got Carrie Underwood here tonight… She and Mike Fisher are going to be raising some more kids. Those Vegas lights, you know? You see a hockey stadium, sucking the energy out of you.” While Bryan intended the remark as a humorous dig, Underwood and Fisher did not appreciate the insinuation that the Vegas lifestyle played a factor in their decision to expand their family.

Underwood, who is known for her polite and composed demeanor, was clearly displeased by the comment. In a now-deleted tweet, she responded, “Hey, at least you’re funny! I’ll be sure to remind my hubby about your ‘good-natured’ joke about our family during my monologue tonight. #laughlinewasfunny”. Underwood’s fans immediately supported her, expressing their disappointment in Bryan’s joke.

Although Bryan has not publicly addressed the incident, it is apparent that the remark struck a nerve with Underwood. The singer, who is married to former professional hockey player Fisher, is very private about her personal life, especially regarding her children. Underwood and Fisher already have two sons, and the insinuation that their family plans were influenced by external factors did not sit well with them.

Despite the spat, it is expected that both artists will move on from the incident. Underwood, as a seasoned performer and professional, is unlikely to let the feud overshadow her career. On the other hand, Bryan may opt to apologize privately or address the matter publicly, especially if it continues to garner attention.

In conclusion, a joke made by Luke Bryan about Carrie Underwood’s family plans during a live event led to tension between the two country music stars. Underwood, unhappy with the comment, expressed her discontent on social media. Although the incident has caused controversy, it is likely that both artists will resolve the issue and focus on their respective careers going forward.

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