‘American Idol’ Season 22 Winner Announced
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‘American Idol’ Season 22 Winner Announced

American Idol’s 22nd season has concluded with the coronation of a fresh champion!

The American Idol season finale took place Sunday night (May 19) and featured memorable performances from stars such as Wynonna, Cody Johnson, New Kids On The Block, Lainey Wilson, and more. It also marked the last episode for judge Katy Perry who won’t return next season.

But, all the pressure was on the three finalists who delivered the performances of their lives in hopes of earning enough of America’s votes to be named the new American Idol.

Abi Carter, Jack Blocker, and Will Moseley were the last three standing after an intense season full of legendary performances and shocking eliminations. Each finalist took a turn on stage to debut a new solo song and also performed a duet with one of their favorite artists.


Abi Carter was the last of three Platinum Ticket recipients of the season still in the competition on finale night. Carter, a musician from Indio, California, went viral with her audition performance of “What Was I Made For” from the motion picture Barbie.

Her audition earned her a Platinum Ticket that allowed her to skip the first rounds of competition in Hollywood. During the weeks that followed, Carter consistently delivered on stage with covers of songs from artists such as Adele, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, and Elton John.


Jack Blocker is a 25-year-old graphic designer from Dallas, Texas. Jack’s road to the American Idol finale has been anything but easy. It started with being initially rejected during his audition. After Luke Bryan and the production team urged Katy Perry and Lionel Richie to change their “no’s” to “yes,” Blocker got a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Jack quickly made it clear to Katy and Lionel that they wouldn’t regret their decision to give him a second chance. His laid-back, “aww shucks” personality made it appear that he was unphased by the pressure of the competition, and he left it all on the stage every time he performed, a trait that endeared him to voters.

Will Moseley is country to the core, making him a frontrunner this season. The Hazelhurst, Georgia, native first wowed the judges during his audition with an original song titled “Gone For Good.” As soon as Will started singing, the judges were on their feet, in awe of the football player-turned-country singer’s voice.

“We knew it from the very first note. This isn’t a hobby,” Katy Perry told Will. “You’re not just gonna do this for one more year. You’re gonna do this for the rest of your life.”

Mosely replied, “That’s what we’re here for.”

In the weeks that followed Will Mosely’s memorable audition, he brought his Chris Stapleton-esque voice to performances of songs from Willie Nelson, Travis Tritt, and more, making it clear that he was in it to win it.


At the end of the first hour, after each contestant sang a hometown tribute, one finalist was eliminated. Unfortunately, Jack Blocker was eliminated, earning a third place finish.


While all finalists deserved the title of American Idol, only one could be named the winner. Ultimately, Abi Carter was named the 2024 American Idol!

Congratulations to Abi Carter on a well-deserved win!

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