52 Years Ago Today: Charley Pride’s “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” Goes #1
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52 Years Ago Today: Charley Pride’s “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” Goes #1

Charley Pride’s on December 4, 1971, Signature Song “Kiss An Angel Good Morning’” Took Over The #1 Spot on The Charts.
“Kiss an Angel Good Morning” stands as a classic in country music history, etching its place as one of Charley Pride’s most iconic songs. Released in 1971, the track swiftly ascended the charts, topping the country music rankings and earning Pride his eighth number one hit.

Penned by Ben Peters, the song delivers a heartwarming message, celebrating the simple joys of love and devotion. Its infectious melody, accompanied by Pride’s rich baritone, resonated with audiences worldwide. The lyrics weave a narrative of valuing and cherishing a partner, emphasizing the significance of affectionate gestures and appreciation in a relationship.
The song’s enduring appeal lies not only in its catchy tune but also in its timeless sentiment. Pride’s masterful delivery conveyed sincerity and warmth, making the track relatable and endearing to listeners of all ages. Its universal themes of love, respect, and gratitude continue to transcend generations, maintaining its relevance and popularity even decades after its release.
“Kiss An Angel Good Morning” Became A Hallmark Of Charley Pride’s Illustrious Career, Solidifying His Status As A Trailblazer In Country Music.

Its success marked a pivotal moment, breaking barriers and expanding the genre’s audience beyond traditional boundaries. Pride’s remarkable talent, coupled with the song’s charm, propelled it to become an anthem for love and appreciation, a sentiment that resonates deeply with fans worldwide.

Beyond its musical prowess, the song’s impact extends into cultural spheres, influencing subsequent generations of artists and leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of country music. Its recognition in the Country Music Hall of Fame and its continued rotation on airwaves attest to its enduring legacy, forever enshrining “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” as a timeless gem in the tapestry of country music history.

It’s touched so many people that there have been countless covers from the likes of Alan Jackson, Charley’s brother Stephen Pride, and Like Combs.

Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” became the final song he would sing live at the 2020 CMA Awards when he was presented with the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. He passed away one month later from complications from COVID-19.

Watch that performance with Jimmie Allen below.

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