You don’t want to miss this Carrie Underwood performance (VIDEO)

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood gives the fans in Denver a very high performance. The crowd was very happy with her, and the warmest moment was when Carrie hit the drums.
In the video bellow you can watch that moment.

Carrie was very impressed by the crowd, and she spared no words to thank them.
“Wow, Denver!!! I love your city! I love your mountains! I love, love LOVE your loud, beautiful crowds!!! Thanks for bringing some heat in this cold weather! Last night was one to remember!!!”, wrote Carrie Underwood.

Also the fan’s came with big words for the Underwood’s performance


“We love you too Carrie! Thanks for putting on such an amazing show!;

You are amazing Carrie Underwood!!

You are beautiful and talented and you know how to put on the best show ever

Thank you Carrie. You truly share my heart and soul, I love the message you bring to our hurting country… world. You are making a difference 💜 it was so good to see all the kids. Thank you parents for bringing your children.