Why George Strait Helps People in The Lone Star State

George Strait

Recently hailed Texas State Musician of The Year, George Strait is a native of the Lone Star State. While there’s no surprise why he should be helping his people and the neighborhood, it’s also easy to just cut a million check and donate the hard cash without necessarily lending his voice or go as far as organizing a telethon for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Facebook Video, George Strait
However, George Strait has already cemented his compassion to his native state. His songs alone are already an immortalized proof of his love to Texas. On his Facebook video, George Strait explained why he wanted to spearhead a Harvey telethon as a way of extending relief to the hurricane victims:

“Seeing all of this happen and being personally affected by it myself, along with many friends in Houston and Rockport, Aransas Pass, Port A and all these different communities down there where I have friends and some family, you kind of feel helpless. So, this was a way I thought maybe I could do some good and raise some money to help those people and see if we can’t get everybody back on their feet again.”

Harvey Fundraising, Harvey telethon
George Strait’s Hurricane Harvey telethon entitled, Hand-in-Hand was revealed to be inspired by other fundraising events to help the needy. George Strait told NBC:

“When you see people pitching in like J.J. Watt, for example, raising, I don’t know, I think his number is up to $19 million, it’s so impressive to see somebody doing things like that. We want to join in in that kind of a program. Hopefully, we can raise that kind of money, but I have to commend him on his efforts and say what a great thing that he’s done. I heard this morning that they might rename a highway after him in Houston. I think that’s a great idea!”

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