Watch Carrie Underwood Crowd Surf For The First Time Since She Was A Teen

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood offered a behind-the-scenes look at the music video shoot for one of her latest breakup anthems, “Hate My Heart.” The track quickly became a fan-favorite from Underwood’s long-awaited Denim & Rhinestones album that released over the summer.

The “Hate My Heart” music video was directed by Shaun Silva — who also directed “If I Didn’t Love You,” the power ballad Jason Aldean released with Underwood — and filmed at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee. That’s where Underwood attends a concert with a group of friends (all of whom are getting over their respective heartbreaks), and the women encounter their lookalikes performing on stage. During that scene, Underwood crowd surfs for the first time since her teen years.

“In the video, it’s like a normal person going out to a club, and somehow she manages to muster up enough courage to crowd surf and ends up on stage as she goes back, which means I have to crowd surf,” Underwood said. She added, with a wink: “which I haven’t done since I was 17.”

“It wasn’t really a stage dive, it was like a stage trust fall,” Underwood said as the behind-the-scenes video captures her falling backward (onto a safe landing) toward the audience.

The “Hate My Heart” music video also offered Underwood a chance to ride a mechanical bull, power through a tough workout, and sneak in a subtle nod to her smash-hit 2005 breakup anthem, “Before He Cheats.” Underwood co-wrote “Hate My Heart” with Hillary LindseyDavid Garcia and HARDY. Other fan-favorite tracks to appear on her latest project include “Ghost Story,” “Pink Champagne,” “Crazy Angels” and more. Watch Underwood’s behind-the-scenes look here, and watch the music video below.