“Unicorn” Puppy Only Has One Ear & It’s On The Top Of Her Head


Rae, a little golden retriever puppy dog has one of the most unique looks that has everyone’s hearts melting. This little girl became a superstar after her owner created an Instagram page displaying her stylish looks.

The golden retriever only has one ear and it’s located on the top of her head. Allegedly Rae’s mom was playing with her a little too rough right after she was born and somehow messed her ear up causing it to have to be removed.

The bio on her Instagram says she was injured during birth and over time as she grew her one ear migrated to the top of her head leaving the dog with a most interesting look. UNLAID reported that the dog can still hear out of HER one ear and is very happy.

Some may see it as a handicap but others are in love, calling her the “unicorn” pup. Rae’s page has the unicorn emoji in her bio and even though it appears to have been set up on Feb 26th and only has 21 videos/pictures, it already has over 21 thousand followers.

Looking at all of her pictures and videos she is sure to bring a smile to an animal lover’s face. You can take a look below to watch a video of Rae or you can click here to view her Instagram page.

Unicorn Puppy Video Below