Truth About Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Fighting Over How To Raise Their Kids

Were Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher locked in a “fierce battle” over Underwood “spoiling” the couple’s kids? One tabloid insisted the retired hockey player believed his wife was “coddling” their young sons too much.

The Globe published an article earlier this year claiming Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher were fighting over how to raise their sons. According to sources who spoke with the outlet, Underwood “coddled” the boys while Fisher was more of a disciplinarian.

“It’s really affecting the dynamics of their relationship,” snitched an insider. The issue has begun to expose fault lines that were always present in the marriage, the source continued.

All those little things that nagged them when it was just the two of them are becoming problems now that they’re a family of four.

Now that Fisher and Underwood are parents to two boys, the couple’s “very different attitudes toward discipline” and how to deal with “temper tantrums” have become apparent. “Carrie showers the kids with love and affection, but Mike says pouring on the sympathy when they take a little spill is too much,” the so-called “insider” opined.

[Fisher’s] a nurturer but also a believer in making kids feel capable.

The thing that really gets under the retired Nashville Predators captain is when Underwood “talks baby talk to Isaiah even though he’s a rambunctious toddler.” The suspicious source pressed on, “It’s like nails down a chalkboard to Mike, who speaks to Isaiah in a way that makes the child feel very grown up.”


Is this source talking to the toddler and asking him questions like, “Who makes you feel more grown up when they speak to you: mom or dad?” Did this alleged source poll the couple’s children?
The dubious source insisted that Fisher believed Underwood was “spoiling the child too much” because she “gives their son everything he wants.” The source even supplied a hypothetical situation as an example. “If Isaiah wants ravioli for lunch and dinner, she’d probably give it to him while Mike would make him decide one or the other,” adding,

Mike believes in setting boundaries … not indulging the child’s every whim.

In conclusion, the almost certainly made up source concluded, “It’s causing some arguments for Carrie and Mike just when they finally have some quality family time together after her tour ended in the fall.” The entire article can be summed up in one word: hogwash.

The source offers no proof of Underwood supposedly “spoiling” her sons outside of hypothetical situations. If the narrative sounds familiar, it’s probably because the outlet ripped it straight from a sitcom from the 1950’s. It’s no nonsense dad meets permissive mom all over again.

The Globe has been pushing its outdated narrative about Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s marriage for the entire year. Underwood is always painted out to be the nagging wife more concerned with her career than with being around for her family, particularly her poor husband.

When Underwood is around, she’s supposedly being overly-controlling and nitpicky. The tabloid has published a lot of cruel, negative stories about the nature of Fisher and Underwood’s marriage, but each one has been proven to be false.

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