Top Carrie Underwood Story Of 2020: Neglecting Family For Fitness

Carrie Underwood

There have been multiple articles published this year claiming there to be tension in Carrie Underwood’s marriage to retired NHL star Mike Fisher. One of the biggest rumors of 2020 said that Underwood was neglecting both her husband and the couple’s two sons because of the country music superstar’s “obsession” with working out. Gossip Cop investigated the rumors at the time and are looking back now to double-check our judgement.

Mike Fisher ‘Begging’ Carrie Underwood For More Time Together?

The National Enquirer accused American Idol winner Carrie Underwood of working out “like a demon,” which was supposedly beginning to get on the “last nerve” of her husband, Mike Fisher. The tabloid and its dubious sources insisted that Underwood was trying to “ditch the baby weight” after the birth of her youngest son. Fisher was allegedly “begging” Underwood to spend more time with him and their boys, but sources claimed that Underwood “insists she needs to do this because of her changing metabolism.”

He’s begging her to take a day off from exercise every week and devote it to him and the boys!

In spite of her husband’s pleas and assurances that she looked “amazing”, Underwood’s workouts were supposedly getting out of control, the “insider” explained, adding that she’d become “guilty just eating a cup of pasta and sometimes goes back for another run on the treadmill after the kids are asleep!”

Though this piece claimed that Carrie Underwood’s family barely saw her between workouts, other articles published by the Enquirer painted a contradictory picture. In one article, Underwood was made out to be a “control freak” who was nitpicking Mike Fisher so badly it was beginning to negatively affect the pair’s marriage.

In another, Fisher was tired of being “holed-up” with his family, especially given the “obsessive-compulsive” behavior of Underwood, and was allegedly looking for coaching jobs to get him away from the house. Both tales proved to be utterly false, just like this one. Gossip Cop knows better than to trust the Enquirer when it comes to reporting the facts about Underwood and Fisher’s marriage.

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