To All the Mothers We’ve Loved and the Mothers We’ve Become

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“May Your Mimosas Be Bottomless,” Carrie Underwood Tells Her Mom

How did we even celebrate Mother’s Day before social media? I kind of remember cards, flowers, candy and breakfast in bed. But these days, social media seems like it’s the best way to give your mom — or your own babies — a shout-out so the world knows how much love is in your heart. Whether she’s still here by your side, six feet away because of the quarantine, or gone forever, we’ll always be our mother’s babies.

In Carrie Underwood’s post to her own mom, Carole, she shared how blessed she was to have her mom and to be a mom. “How am I so blessed to be able to call this woman ’Mom,’” she wrote on Instagram, “and to have the two sweetest boys call me by the same name?!?! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and to all the mothers out there.

“May your breakfasts be in bed, may your mimosas be bottomless and may your babies shower you with hugs and kisses!!! Thank God for MOMS!”

Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher


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