Tim McGraw Puts Funny Spin On George Strait’s “Christmas Cookies”

George Strait

If you asked country music fans to name their favorite Christmas songs, it’s likely many people would mention George Strait‘s “Christmas Cookies.” The catchy tune has Strait singing about the delicious Christmas cookies his sweetheart bakes each holiday season, with some of the lyrics being:

“I sure do like those Christmas cookies, sugar. I sure do like those Christmas cookies, babe. The ones that look like Santa Claus, Christmas trees and bells and stars…“

“Christmas Cookies” has been covered by many other artists over time, including Lainey Wilson, Scotty McCreery, and the Oak Ridge Boys. Tim McGraw also covered the tune, and gave it a funny twist that makes his rendition stand out.

McGraw posted a video on social media that shows him singing “Christmas Cookies” with a few of his band members. In the caption, McGraw said he changed some of the lyrics in an effort to make his buddy Bobby laugh.

“Goofin’’around and trying to make Bobby laugh with my own spin on the lyrics,” McGraw wrote.

Instead of singing “Christmas trees and bells and stars,” McGraw sang “Christmas trees and stars and balls.” He kept it up whenever he reached that line, and it somehow got more hilarious each time.

McGraw and his pals had a hard time getting through the song without laughing. You’re sure to crack up too when you watch their comical cover of “Christmas Cookies” in the clip below.