This Carrie Underwood-approved brand has launched face masks

Carrie Underwood

Leave it to the celebrities to be some of the truest influencers of our pocketbooks. Accessory brand The Sis Kiss first got put on because of Carrie Underwood sporting its jewelry in 2019. And if it weren’t for her impact, we may have never known about the brand’s latest face masks.

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Now that having face covers on hand is the new way of life, it’s time to “make it fashion.” The woman-owned brand, known for the Be a Star Huggies earrings and the Spinner Gold Bling Ring that Underwood wore to the Grand Olay Opry in 2019, is shifting its gears to face masks.

The Sis Kiss is actually making a restock of its face masks. Its first full-coverage cheetah print mask has restocked twice and is still sold out. To meet the clear and present demand, the brand is launching the cutest masks for adults and kids.


Currently, the brand carries three styles, which are all only available for preorder. Two are for adults, including one black mask with a pair of graphic lips placed on the front and another with The Sis Kiss’ custom print graphic. Since the CDC recommends children two years and older wear a mask, the brand designed one that you can color in with felt markers.

The Sis Kiss has noted that the new masks aren’t ready to ship but will be sent out approximately 30 days from the May 7 preorder date. However, seeing as the first launch of the brand has yet to restock, you may want to add these to your shopping cart as soon as possible. Below, take your pick from these adorable masks from The Sis Kiss.

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